#PS-1    2hp pump  120 or 220volts       
50 Amp GFI Included              

#PS-2    4.5 Hp pump  
4.5KW  220 Volts

PS-4     4.5 Hp pump 4.5KW 220 Volts
include 50A GFCI                    

PS-5   4.5 Hp  Pump 4.5KW  220 Volts
Include 50A GFCI and Top side
with Digital Display                 

add Ozone                                 $120
add booster 4.5 hp pump      $240
add air blower 2 hp                  $115
#ST1000  Digital controls includes
top side  & cords, heater 1.5KW
operates:                120v pump
120V blower  topside panel   
ozone & light
#ST2000  Digital controls includes
top side & cords, heater 5.5KW
operates:      Topside panel   
-220v pump 2 speed
-220V booster pump single speed
-120V blower   
- ozone & light       
Cal Spas CS5100
# ELE09001302          
Balboa Top Side control
Cal Spas Top side #ele09200600
S/N 51014   Cal C3000  $240
Genesis 7000-03   $280
Cal spas #ele09018092

Balboa # 52697-01  9"
cal spas control
Heater C2550-0621-A

C2100 system replacement   
Cal Spas System 3000 or 4000
5.5 KW  $140  1996         Fiesta R3A 1999
New # C2550-0165
Cal Spas 1988 and 1989 spas PS2
Hayward pump and Loop heater
manifold     heater $180   pump $280
Balboa Control 2000 LE Series    
#53731-03        $420
Model KEYS31          Pump1  
Pump2  Ozone Light
CS5200 controls dually pump 110V  
kidney shape top side panel.
the system is 110V.
Cal Spas Control Box $450
Heater $180
CS 5000     Balboa #52704
top side panel 771
Cal Spas Control Box  two pump system
#52937     System 1500-2J   
RMF Heater C2400-0535
TOP  side panel #ele09200776
Cal Spas Control Box  one pump system
System 1500-1J    
#ele09000199  circuit board 52935
Top side #ele09200774
1500-1 Circuit board available
1500-2 Circuit board not available
Cal spas equipment pack 1992
2.6 hp pump 56 frame
Cal Spas  controls PS3 model   PS4 Model
PS5 Model  PS2 Model  control box

Omega Spa controls
Cal Spas control PS-3   1993
cal spas control
Fiesta  C2000
1 pump & light   15.5"
Heater C2550-0621-A
Cal Spas Control box For Genesis
and Fiesta  heater on the back
one pump and light     Replacement
$450   pneumatic # ST11
Cal spas system 3001
2 pumps circulation pump fiber optic
and blower.  
Fiesta 1999 pneumatic
pump 230V ozone & light
T heater        $480
Whisper power unit
Model PS2-F
heat  #D2550-0059  
Cal Spas 2200 series
Pump 1, pump 2, and circulation pump
Air blower 220V separate control
Replacement control bax
T145 5KH32DNB233X  5hp GE pump
System 3001 Cir pump, 2 booster pumps
control box + topside
System 4001
Cir pump & 2 booster pumps
Cal spas
C2001 1.5" circulation pump 1998
Cal Spas System 9000
Runs 2 pump  one circulation
48 fr pump  no blower
CS9800 P3 ele09018203 Mach3
CS9800 P5 ele09018201 Mach5
Cal Spas control equipment 1994-1995&
Cal Spas CTC-220 control box
Outdoor watreproof  $450
Pentair, Vico, and Waterway distributor since 1995.

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OR call 909-699-8844
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Cal Spas 5300 series
Whisper power unit
Cal spas equipment pack 1992/93
2.6 hp pump 56 frame
Hydro Quip spa control CS7109
HQ1001   1 pump 2 speed &
Cal Spas 1500-1 replacements
complete system          
Heater C2400-0535  
Cal Spas System 7000
Runs 2 pump  one
circulation 48 fr pump  no
Cal Spas 2100 system  Kidney t.S
Waterway Plastics
Digital Spa Controls     $490
#7721210-61102  2pump system
6 button top side panel #780-6001
Aqua Flo Threaded adaptor
2" X 1.5"  #501 00120   
Cal Spas control PS2-F   2001
Hydro System control for bath
tub. Model SXB-HYD50
Balboa 51757
Cal Spas circuit boards
Call    909-240-8868
cal spa 2100 circuit board 52299
Cal Spas Circuit Board #CS6000R1A
#CS 6100 R1A                  
no stereo or circulation 5100DV
#ele09100222   52989
Balboa circuit board
cal spas circuit board san diego
cal spas circuit board denver
cal spas circuit board new york
cal spas circuit board chicago
cal spas circuit board san antonio
cal spas circuit board dallas
cal spas circuit board houston
cal spas pumps san diego
cal spas pumps denver
cal spas pumps new york
cal spas pumps chicago
cal spas pumps san antonio
cal spas pumps dallas
cal spas pumps houston
cal spas dually pumps san diego
cal spas dually pumps denver
cal spas  dually pumps new york
cal spas dually pumps chicago
cal spas dually pumps san antonio
cal spas dually pumps dallas
cal spas dually pumps houston
Cal Spas 1996
Model 2000  1 pump 4hp
main wires connections
on the right side
heater 16"
Cal Spas Dually pump replacement, $620
no plumbing work ,no electric work.
no plumbing  lines caped leaving stagnating water
in the pipes.
- Installing only one pump  makes the pressure
weak on all these jets.  for Dually replacement .
Cal spas Dually pump conversion or replacement
Cal spas dually pump @ spapartswarehouse.com